Giving in to the Muse...

I know, I'm finding any reason not to write. It's too hot...I have too much laundry to do...I can't focus right now...I have to lead the troops in battle to beat back the Zerg, for crying out loud!
Well, the Muse has tickled the writing bone and I need to write a few things out. I've got another post in mind after this, but this feels a bit more important right now.

Best wishes to Tee Morris and his daughter, Sonic Boom. You both have been through so much this year. I wish you both the greatest joy and the smoothest road in the coming months and years. Safe travels in the coming months and godspeed!

Best wishes to Philippa Ballentine. You've taken a great leap of faith for your calling and your dream. I know you have a horde of fans and "family" who are backing you and cheering you on all the way (present company included!). It's been wonderful hearing your impressions of American life from a different perspective. Good journey on your way back to NZ, and godspeed!

Best wishes to Brand Gamblin, Allison Duncan, and Elf Princess. As I learned of the sad news earlier this year that's impacted Tee and SB, I first learned of your ordeal, and ironically through that, your wonderful creative endeavors. I hope your faith in humanity has been rekindled a bit, and for what it's worth, this fan's cheering you on to succeed in all that you do.

Geez, I could keep this up all night with all the budding newcoming writers and podcasters--all of which are my heroes and inspirations for writing: Nobilis Reed, Chris Lester, Wil Wheaton (Yes, THAT Wil Wheaton!), Kimi Alexander, Nathan Lowell, Paulette Jaxton, P.C. Haring, Scott Sigler, P.G. Holyfield, Mur Lafferty, J.R. Blackwell, Jared Axelrod, O.M. Grey, J. Daniel Sawyer (it's his bet that has me writing again-and believe me I'm pulling up the rear in the contest!), Gail Carriger, Steve Eley, Christiana Ellis...ugh, I know i'm forgetting people...this feels like an Oscar acceptance speech!

You'll hear me mention these folks more in detail in the future, but I wanted to thank all of them for all that they do, how much I've enjoyed what they've created, and how much I've learned from all your creations. Thanks you so much, all of you, and I wish you all the greatest continued success--not that it'll be all that hard, because you all are brilliant, in my humble opinion!

Ok...got that Muse-packed bundle out of my head and into written form. Next!