Back again...again.

Hey. It's been a while. November arrives yet again, and I'm giving a stab at NaNoWriMo to at least get my writing muscles back into shape. I'm too long lapsed from writing. So I'm writing again, and I'll be posting here again various things just to get the words flowing again. Who knows? Maybe something productive will come of this. Good to see you all again, if anyone is still reading here.


Dusting off the cobwebs...

Wow...almost three years??? *blinks* Wow...I really need to spruce this place up a bit. I'll get to work on that.


Not quite a year, but I'm back...kinda.

Test test test...

Writing sprint. Hmmm.

Well, at least I'm writing. It's been a long time since i've given my writing chops an outlet...not for lack of wanting to , but for the typical writing fear of being afraid of my own voice. Trying to figure out why the heck someone would still be interested in what I'm writing. I don't know. I just hope I can come up with something worthwile in this.

For those of you who haven't followed me for long, and I know I haven't had much here in the past few years, this is my little soapbox on the net. Here I've spouted concerns, frustrations, joys, and sorrows. I have really wanted to get back into the swing of things and write daily. But I've just found it so terribly difficult--again, just being afraid of my own voice. I suppose, as Mur Lafferty would say, afraid of sucking in public.

I just have to give myself the right to suck. And suck I will...those of you who've read my tweets--a lot of times I'm totally off the wall in my comments, but I know I do have some clarity on occasion. I'm hoping I do, anyway.

Regardless, this is just an exercise to write for ten minutes along with two of my favorite up-and-coming writers in a writing sprint to just come up with something. And that's what this is for me. My psyche standing behind the writer "me" prodding him along with a pitchfork and getting the writer me's ass moving.

Crap, I had to mention the ass-moving. I jumped headlong into Dan Sawyer's Great Ass-Moving experiment just after Balticon before last (2010, I'm thinking), and while I KNEW I'd owe someone $10 at the end of the run, I really wanted to write something to get out to at least get rejected. Instead, I didn't write a damn thing other than a few hundred tweets and Facebook messages.

And that's the thing. I WANTED to write.

I didn't just DO it.

That's the thing. All the eps I've listened to I SHOULD BE WRITING, all the writer podcasts I listen to--all of them say the same thing. The most important thing is just putting butt to chair and WRITE!

Thank you, Pip, for offering this tonight. This is rough, and I'm editing a little as I go even though I should just let it flow and get it out on paper. But it's done. I hope you all will keep me on the straight and narrow--riding my ass daily to write at least SOMETHING a day.

Time, gentlemen! Thanks for the sprint! :)


Another trip 'round the sun...

In about 8 hours, give or take a bit, I'll officially make the 45 year mark of being alive.


Honestly, I've felt kind of down about this birthday. Haven't made much progress on the home front. I'm still in the same job in the same position doing the same thing day in and day out. Relax, I'm thankful I even HAVE a job right now. It's just another year of stagnation.

Health hasn't been the greatest, and for the first time I'm really fighting to keep mobile. But, as always, I keep trudging onward.

Eh, more later. Gotta keep moving on.