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I love Mur Lafferty.

Aside from being from my beloved birth state, she calls it how she sees it, pulls no punches, and constantly reminds me that I Should Be Writing!

Now, I'm a self-admitted Apple fanboy. I've loved working with Apple computers since my first Apple ][+ I bought with my own hard-earned money back in 1980. But Apple, AT&T, and the New York Times have incurred the wrath of Ms. Lafferty's rapier tongue, and I am amazed that my beloved Apple could repeatedly be this dense.

Mur posted THIS a few days ago, and I wholeheartedly have to agree with her on calling out the computer company that I dearly love.

We've been through what, Apple? Three iterations of the iPhone now? Then throw in the 3G iPad that the world is snapping up to the tune of how many millions of units? The whole time you stick with the miniscule pipeline of AT&T for your phone company you chose to go with, and while I know it's taking a while for AT&T to ramp up it's network to accept the bandwidth that the hordes of iPhone/iPad users are consuming at a staggering pace...but damn! Promise an unlimited plan, then recind it, trapping all your users with virtually DOUBLE early termination fees and completely cripple your fanbase. And then here comes the New York Times calling those folks who complain data hogs and admonishes them for the consumption that they've been promised! WTF?

My one correction I'd like to point out to Mur--the iPad has both a WiFi and a 3G model, so you can still get an iPad with the same functionality of your iPod Touch (I'm an 8GB model user myself) and have a much larger work surface. I'm personally wanting an iPad for home use, but would love it if I could use that iPad ANYWHERE I had a 3G signal w/o limits. Otherwise she is dead on with calling out the spin doctors of these guilty parties for backpedalling on the promised service, and geez, NYT! Thanks for making us out to be data hogs for just enjoying what we were promised in the first place!

And yeah, I COULD opt for a Droid or other Android phone--I'd rather have something that works seamlessly with my OS of choice.

So I'm getting off my ass and writing again. Apple and AT&T--time for you to get off of yours and get the pipeline opened up.

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